Paris Township Elected Officials


Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart is the current Vice-President of the Board of Trustees. Mike has served as Township Trustee for 7 years. Mike welcomes anyone to reach out to him to voice their concerns or opinions regarding the Township. Mike can be reached at (330) 862-2035.

Jim Kiko

Jim Kiko, Jr. is the current President of the Board of Trustees .Jim has served as a Paris Township Trustee since 2010, and currently represents the Paris Township Trustees by serving on the Sandy Creek Joint Fire District board. Jim welcomes anyone to reach out to him to voice their concerns or opinions regarding the Township. Jim can be reached at (330) 806-5518

Jamie Glavan is a newly elected trustee as of 2020. Jamie can be reached at or home phone 330-868-3534 or cellphone 330-592-3299

Fiscal Officer

Rudy Evanich

Rudy Evanich has served as Paris Township’s Fiscal Officer since 2002. Rudy can be reached at (330) 862-3732.