Record of Proceedings

Minutes of Paris Township Trustees

August 5, 2019

President James Kiko called the meeting to order at 7:00PM at the township hall with Trustees Timothy Blocher & Michael Stewart present.

Approval of Minutes
Mr. Stewart moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting & approve as submitted. Seconded by Mr. Blocher. Approved. Financial reports approved as printed.

2020 Budget – Resolution 28-19
Mr. Stewart moved to approve the 2020 Budget in the amount of $1,003,605.00. Seconded by Mr. Blocher. Upon A vote, Mr. Stewart – Aye, Mr. Blocher – Aye, Mr. Kiko – aye. Approved.

Road Report
Road Superintendent Todd Kirkpatrick reported dragging asphalt on various roads. Mowing along roads continues as well as patching. Warren road is in need of repairs. A culvert on Whitacre Ave. has been replaced. The 2010 dump truck is being repaired. There are street lights out on Bowling St. Mr. Blocher will try to get a grant to repair erosion along Whitacre Ave. near Market St.

Mr. Blocher told Mr. Lucas that the nuisance property on Telpahak is being worked on by the Stark County Health Department. The burnt property on Lisbon St. is cleaned up. A property on the New Franklin Square needs to have grasses and weeds cut back. Mr. Blocher will contact the bank that holds the mortgage.

Dry Hydrant – Robertsville
Mr. Stewart said the right-a-way for the dry hydrant in Robertsville will need to be surveyed again since the location has changed. Mr. Kiko said Fire Chief Stoller will have to approve the change in location first.

Survey Request – Resolution 29-19
Mr. Stewart moved to approve asking the Stark County Engineer to survey the area along the lake in Robertsville for the new dry hydrant right-a-way. Seconded by Mr. Blocher. Upon A vote, Mr. Stewart – Aye, Mr. Blocher – Aye, Mr. Kiko – aye. Approved.

Stucky St.
Mr. Stewart said that Stucky St. needs fixed to stop water from running onto property owners. He & Mr. Kirkpatrick will work on fixing the issue.

Mr. Kiko reported talking to Prosecutor Babik concerning drone issues. Mr. Babik sent a letter with FAA rules for drones & model airplanes. Neither can fly over your property if you are outside of your home or parked vehicle.

Junk Cars
Mr. Kiko will contact Mr. Babik concerning junk cars in the township.

No further business, Mr. Stewart made a motion, seconded by Mr. Blocher to adjourn and pay bills totally $78,358.47. Approved.