Record of Proceedings

Minutes of Paris Township Trustees

August 19,2019

President James Kiko called the meeting to order at 7:00PM at the township hall with Trustees Timothy Blocher & Michael Stewart present.

Approval of Minutes
Mr. Stewart moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting & approve as submitted. Seconded by Mr. Blocher. Approved. Financial reports approved as printed.

Chris Nichols from SCOG informed the trustees the differences in funding options for the local government funds.

Stark Council of Governments Funding – Resolution 30-19
Mr. Stewart moved to approve the Alternative Method for Apportioning the Local Government Funds for three years. Seconded by Mr. Blocher. Upon A vote, Mr. Stewart – Aye, Mr. Blocher – Aye, Mr. Kiko – aye. Approved.

Road Report
Road Superintendent Todd Kirkpatrick reported dragging asphalt has been stopped for now. Tunnel Hill will be repairs this fall. The 2010 dump truck has been repaired. The 1999 dump truck will be repaired soon also. Mowing along roads is almost complete. The township may get grindings from the state for Stucky next week. Mr. Stewart said potholes on Baywood St. need filled.

Consumers National Bank Contract – Resolution 31-19
Mr. Kiko moved to approve the contract with Consumers National Bank for five years as the township depository. Seconded by Mr. Blocher. Upon A vote, Mr. Stewart – Aye, Mr. Blocher – Aye, Mr. Kiko – aye. Approved.

Street Lighting Assessment – Resolution 32-19
Mr. Blocher moved to approve the following street light assessments. Paris – $44.00, New Franklin – $24.00, Robertsville – $5.00 per year. Seconded by Mr. Stewart. Upon a vote, Mr. Blocher – Aye, Mr. Kiko – Aye, Mr. Stewart – Aye. Approved.

Dry Hydrant – Robertsville
Mr. Stewart said he talked to Fire Chief Stoller concerning changes with the dry hydrant in Robertsville. Mr. Stoller will look into the changers.

Cars in Robertsville
Mr. Stewart reported more cars are to be removed along Churcham St. in Robertsville soon.

Water issues
Mr. Blocher reported the gray water on Woodale is being fixed. The water drainage on Surrey Dr. continues as there is a new owner of one of the properties now. Mr. Blocher is working on a grant to fix the washout along Whitacre Ave. near Market St.

Propane price
Powers Oil & Propane has locked in the township price at $1.29 per gallon.

No further business, Mr. Kiko made a motion, seconded by Mr. Blocher to adjourn and pay bills totally $20,027.19. Approved.