Record of Proceedings

Minutes of Paris Township Trustees

November 19, 2018

President Reginald Stoltzfus called the meeting to order at 7:00PM at the township hall with Trustees James Kiko & Michael Stewart present. 

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Kiko moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting & approve as submitted.  Seconded by Mr. Stewart.  Approved.  Financial reports approved as printed.

Appointing Trustee

Jamie Glavin asked about the trustees replacing Mr. Stoltzfus as trustee at the end of the year since he was elected state representative.  Mr. Kiko said he and Mr. Stewart will make a decision before year end about appointing a new trustee.  Larry Palmer also said he is interested in being the appointed trustee.  

Road Report

Mr. Kirkpatrick reported Mike’s Tree Service will cut back trees along Warren Road & the trees at the Paris pavilion soon.  The road crew plowed snow and 2 loads of salt were delivered.  He said lots of trees were down on the roads from the ice and snow.  The new culvert on Stucky is working well.  

Check signing rights Resolution 42-18

Mr. Kiko moved to approve that all three trustees have check signing ability.  Seconded by Mr. Stewart.  Upon A vote, Mr. Stewart – Aye, Mr. Stoltzfus – Aye, Mr. Kiko – aye.  Approved.

Vacating Alleys

Mr. Stewart presented maps showing alleys that trustees want to vacate.  Trustees will act on this matter at the next meeting.  


Mr. Kiko reported that the Soil & Water Conservation representative could not help with the landslide on Parks Ave.  Mr. Kirkpatrick will ask the Stark County Engineer about the matter.  

Street Lights

Mr. Stewart will be reporting some street lights out in the township.  

Check signing rights Resolution 43-18

Mr. Kiko moved to approve that all trustees & the fiscal officer can sign checks.  Seconded by Mr. Stewart.  Upon A vote, Mr. Stewart – Aye, Mr. Stoltzfus – Aye, Mr. Kiko – aye.  Approved.

Recycling Boxes

Mr. Kirkpatrick will contact the recycling department concerning the location of the boxes.  

New Equipment

Road Superintendent Kirkpatrick ask about purchasing a new truck or Backhoe.  Trustees will look at township equipment prior to the next meeting.  

No further business, Mr. Kiko made a motion, seconded by Mr. Stewart to adjourn and pay bills totally $6,949.35. Approved.