Record of Proceedings

Minutes of Paris Township Trustees

September 3, 2019

President James Kiko called the meeting to order at 7:00PM at the
township hall with Trustees Timothy Blocher & Michael Stewart
Approval of Minutes
Mr. Stewart moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of
the last meeting & approve as submitted. Seconded by Mr. Blocher.
Approved. Financial reports approved as printed.
Road Report
Mr. Kiko said the 2010 dump truck needs the bed sandblasted and
painted before winter. Mr. Stewart reported that the road crew
picked up drywall and trash along Baywood St. Mr. Blocher reported
wanting to apply for a grant for along Whitacre Ave. where the
stream is washing out the road. The Stark County Engineer’s office
estimated the cost to repair the washout is $33,349.00.
Applying for Grant – Resolution 33-19
Mr. Kiko moved to approve applying for a grant to fix a washout
along Whitacre Ave. Seconded by Mr. Stewart. Upon A vote, Mr.
Stewart – Aye, Mr. Blocher – Aye, Mr. Kiko – aye. Approved.
Refuse Contract
Mr. Stewart reported that Lucking Trucking wants “normal damages”
included in the contract.
Tree Trimming
Mr. Stewart said a resident on Peach Lane is worried that the
township cutting back brush along the road may kill some plants.
Trustees agreed to give notice before cutting back trees along
Change of Meeting Dates – Resolution 34-19
Mr. Blocher moved to change meeting dates to September 30th and October 14th not October 7th and October 21st. Seconded by Mr. Kiko. Upon A vote, Mr. Stewart – Aye, Mr. Blocher – Aye, Mr. Kiko – aye. Approved.
No further business, Mr. Stewart made a motion, seconded by Mr.
Blocher to adjourn and pay bills totally $33,404.88. Approved.